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PR-LD15 15W LED down light

PR-LD15 15W LED down light with special ultra-thin fin-style design, adopts high-thermal conductive material AL1060. The advanced technologies including zipped-fin, compressed-fin. Compared to traditional LED heat sink, our dissipating area is bigger and air convection is better. With hook up connecting structure, it is easy to assembly tie components together, very efficient for DIY users.

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1. Product name: PR-LD15 15W LED down light;
2. LED Quantity: 15*1W;
3. Material: Aluminum+ABS;
4. Waterproof Level: IP20;
5. Input Voltage: AC85-265V;
6. Power Factor: >95%;
7. Light Color: Pure White/ Warm White/ Cold White;
8. Luminous Flux: 1095-1255lm;
9. Color Temperature: 2700~3500K/4000~4500K/6000~6500K;
10. Working Current: 300mA;
11. Operating Frequency: 50-60Hz;
12. Operating Temperature: -20°C~50°C;
13. Overheat Protection: Constant current circuit with heat protection;
14. Power Efficiency: ≥0.9;
15. LED light system: >75Lm/W, LED Chip optional;
16. Illuminant Angle: 120°;
17. Heat dissipation system: Enough thermal slug to transmit the heat from LED and driver, aluminum housing have high coefficient of heat transfer, low thermal resistance;
18. LED down light saves 80% compared to incandescent lamp, to common energy lamp, saving 60%;
19. Material of housing: Good for heat transfer, strong ability to engage in durable corrosion.

Major advantages
1. Energy saving: low power, the PR-LD15 15W LED down light saves energy 70%-80%;
2. No strobe, no radiation, good for eyes and environment friendly;
3. Long longevity, low power consumption, high stability and reliability;
4. Low energy consumption. Lifespan over 50,000 hours;
5. The PR-LD15 15W LED down light is equal to common halogen lamp 120W;
6. Low heat, no UV or IR light radiation;
7. Homogeneous illumination;
8. Fin style designed heat fins with excellent thermal efficiency;
9. Works with worldwide electrical systems(85-265VAC)

LED down light is widely used in decoration lighting especially for indoor lighting, office building, supermarkets, hotels, meeting room, restaurants, showroom, club and exhibition hall other building lighting etc.