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PR-LBP5 5W LED bulb light

PR-LBP5 5W LED bulb light with special plastic design, adopts heat resisting and fireproof plastic. Ensuring lighting performance while greatly reducing the cost of the finished product.

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1. Good heat dissipation: superior thermal management with internal aluminum heat conductor, its housing is plastic material with good heat conduction;
2. Easy replacement: replace the traditional base light;
3. LED sources: applied with the highest-level LEDs, low brightness attenuation and lifespan is over 50,000 hours;
4. Environmental protection: no any harmful radiate spectrums such as UV or infrared ray included;
5. Shell: we change the new design heat structure, increase the heat area at the most limit, special outlook design is according to the advanced concept;
6. Lighting source: take high quality chip, sealed in low decay, high efficiency;
7. Power: we explore the constant current driver by ourself, it takes the protection of over current ,overvoltage, thunder, high temperature to guarantee the product performance steady;
8. Choose favorable heat sinking material to make the AL base, which ensure the good ability of heat radiation;
9. The temperature of body surface is below 50°C(Ambient Temperature at 25°C ), far below than the traditional type of halogen, more safety when used;
10. Constant current power supply, apply to AC85-265V adapter or power supply;
11. Without glitter, no any damage to human body;
12. The professional optical lens design, which made of high quality PMMA material, is exclusively created of power LED series, brings the light transmission rate up to 92%;
13. Beam angle: 150°;
14. The dimension is same as traditional bulb light which can be match with the traditional fixture, no need any changed or adjusted;
15. Superior lighting experience: excellent luminous efficiency, stable light ray and no flickering to protect your vision, instant start-up and no noise;
16. Direct "drop-in" replacement for conventional bulbs;
17. PR-LBP5 5W LED bulb light is energy-saving and environment-friendly;
18. Long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Reduced installation, maintenance, and replacement costs.

Major advantages
1. Super Stable: Long time burning test before shipment for our LED bulb light;
2. High-quality service: Three years warranty, CE & RoHS LVD EMC standard, hot line & E-Mail Technical support;
3. The Best Quality: Only using well-known brand LED chip, long-term stable suppliers to ensure that the raw material quality;
4. Ultra energy efficient: 1W LED = 3W Fluorescent= 10W Incandescent lamp;
5. Long lifetime: 50,000 hours LED lifespan, 10 times to fluorescent, 50 times to incandescent lamp;
6. Environment and health protection: No UV/IR light, no mercury, no flash, visual comfort;
7. Solid-state light source: Distant range transport safety.

1. Accent lighting, widely used in exhibition hall, show window, artwork performance;
2. Interior lighting, such as office building, meeting room, hotel and home and so on;
3. Widely used as decorative lighting of various commercial place, like shopping mall, cafe, bar, etc