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PR-LB70 9W LED bulb light

PR-LB70 9W LED bulb light with special ultra-thin fin-style design, adopts high-thermal conductive material AL1060. The advanced technologies including zipped-fin, compressed-fin. Compared to traditional LED heat sink, our dissipating area is bigger and air convection is better. With hook up connecting structure, it is easy to assembly tie components together, very efficient for DIY users.

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1. LED Chip: Super bright Top high power LEDs;
2. Wide range of available voltage and low consumption;
3. Anti-shake, convenient for transportation;
4. Environment-friendly, no UV/IR radiation;
5. PC cover with more than 90% light transmittance;
6. Driver: Constant current driver with super quality;
7. High-efficiency, low power consumption, produce very little heat;
8. Super energy-saving, free maintenance;
9. No flickering, good for eyes, no noise;
10. Rapid start, no need starter or ballasts;
11. LED bulb light can replace traditional bulbs in your existing fixture;
12. Environmental protection, no mercury and other hazardous material, fully RoHS-compliance;
13. Super long life time: 50,000 hours;
14. Energy saving and high luminous intensity, energy consumption can be 30% of traditional bulbs;
15. Standards: CE, RoHS 

LED bulb light is widely used as replacement traditional bulbs for general lighting in hotel and household decoration, especially for galleries and courtyard, suitable for spot light in art display, museum jewelry counter.