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Why Should You Need To Replace Your Lighting Current Set up with LED?
2014-10-13 09:29:46

Setting up an effective lighting at your place is a tedious job. Be it home, office or any other set up, it is a tough task to find an effective lighting solution. At times you might find it hard to install a big tube light at a place due to restriction of space and if you opt for smaller bulbs o/r tubes, then they might not be brighter enough as much as your requirements. Another challenge that one often faces with lighting is that the lighting bulb or tube get fused regularly due to voltage fluctuation and it is very frustrating to change them on a regular basis. Finally, nobody wants to pay huge electricity bills every month and hence, everyone looks for a lighting set up which can meet these requirements effectively. LED products are going to help you in this matter.
LED Bulb Light and LED ceiling light will be a great replacement for ordinary lights bulbs at home as well as office. They have no filament and therefore, they do not heat up the surface; thus they are safe to use and one do not have to worry about short circuit or any other mess once they have installed them at their place.
Likewise, LED fluorescent tube is a much better replacement for an ordinary tube light at any give time. They are compact but are brighter than other tube lights that are available in the market and they are also lighter in weight and look more stylish than other tubes.
Apart from the above, LED Panel Light will be a good replacement for CFL or halogen. They will not only provide more lumen output per wattage power consumed but will also reduce your electricity bill up to 80 %. LED Panel Light is can also be customized as per the requirement.
Another reason to shift to LED lights is because they are available in different colors. They are easy to install and are maintenance free. An average life span for a LED light is 10 years or 50000 hours. LED light does not flicker and is eye friendly. It is made up of unbreakable plastic which makes it durable and promises its durability. LED products are certified by CERoHS and many European countries have already made it mandatory to use LED because o/f their Eco friendliness and pro environmental nature.


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