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Tips on Choosing LED Light
2014-09-28 08:50:59

If you are new to the world of LED lights, have heard a lot about them and would like to give them a try, then you should consider some important points before you buy them. First of all, you should list down your requirements on a piece of paper. The details should include your present lighting set up and what add on and modifications you are going to do with the current set up.
This decision would again depend on certain things like whether you are looking for a domestic set up or a commercial one and whether you would like to replace all the lights of your present set up with LED lights or you would like to first try and check the results with a few replacements and then decide on changing the set up as per the results you obtain.
For domestic set up, it would be a great idea to start of things with LED bulb light. They are available in attractive shapes and they come in a variety of power range starting from 3 W to 25 W. Therefore, you would be use at just about any place at your home. For smaller rooms or bathrooms, it is better to use LED bulb light with low or medium power. Larger space would require LED bulb light of high power.
For ceilings, LED ceiling light would meet your requirements best. They are also available in the same power range as that of LED light bulb and hence, they can be installed following the same format as that of light bulb.
LED fluorescent tube is also useful for domestic set up. It does take more space though, but still, as it comes in attractive slim look, despite the space, it would only add to the looks of your house.
For the outdoor, LED courtyard light will be a great buy. It can also be used in big or commercial set ups with equal ease and it will deliver equally good results at factory and other commercial settings as well. Another great add to your lighting decor would be the attractive looking LED panel light which too would suit both domestic as well as office settings.
Finally, you can always improve on your lighting decor value by using the variety of attractive ranges of LED Strip Light. It is not only practical to use it on set ups with scarce space, but it can also be used in both doe both indoor as well as outdoor locations to add to the decor value of the place. Please visit our products page to find the complete list of Led lights available with us.


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