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Main features of LED Tunnel Light
2014-09-29 09:38:38

Unlike other formats of light, LED Tunnel Light is mostly used for a specific purpose and it is important that it serves it well. Just imagine you travelling into a long tunnel. It is not at all a pleasant experience when you have to suddenly leave the outdoor and the sky and natural light and enter a tunnel. Nowadays we have tunnel that are of substantial length and some of them are even longer than 10 KM. Travelling in such a length tunnel is such a tough ask if you do not get a suitable lighting inside and LED Tunnel Light serves the purpose best.
LED Tunnel Light is available in different beam angles that vary from 15 to 90 degrees. LED Tunnel Light is dimmable and can be adjusted as per the requirement of the situation. They are built of strong rough and tough material, which is suitable for a tunnel set up and once installed they are likely to last for years without any fuss. They won’t require any major maintenance and they are also water resistant.
Another point which works in favour of LED Tunnel Light is there power saving capacity. As they comes in high power of 60 W, 90 W, 120 W and 150 W, it is important that they do not consume too much of power. As they are likely to be used in night at all the time, it does help a lot when they consume from 50 – 80 % of less electricity that their counterparts of the same power range. These savings add up to a substantial amount in a long run and hence LED Tunnel Light clearly scores over other contemporary lights on this point.
Lastly, there is no better way to contribute in the wellness of the planet that using a LEF products. They not only deliver better than other lights but also do it in the safest and environment friendly way. When a LED Tunnel Light runs for hours, it won’t emit any harmful radiations, nor would it leave and residue besides it after consummation. A LED Tunnel Light has a long life and after it is full y consumed its waste too is bio degradable. All these points makes it the first choice for tunnel and all other similar set ups. If you would like to know more about LED Tunnel Light or are interested in knowing about other LED products, please visit our product page.


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