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Introduction to LED bulb light
2014-10-02 11:35:25

A light bulb was one of the earliest inventions made with the advent of electricity and thus acquired a special place in the pages of history. Although a light bulb is used at limited places and for specific purpose, its importance can’t be ignored in any ways. Due to its compact size, it is easy to install a light bulb at the scarcest of places and due do this reasons, its popularity has remained intact even after so many years of development and advancement of technology.
A light bulb has also witnessed and undergone lots of changes in its shape, size and quality. The earliest of light bulb was the one which used filament and emitted hot yellow light. With the advancement of technology, CFL came in to play, which was appreciated for its white emission and also for its less heating effect. However, the latest development in the field of lighting is the LED light bulb. It not only better than CFL in quality of lighting but it has also impressed consumers with its performance and eco friendly nature. Let us have a deep look at what a LED bulb light has to offer to us.
LED bulb light comes is lots of variations; be it shoe, size or power capacity, under LED bulb light category, you can find almost all kind of bulbs that you are looking for. They are ideal alternative for halogens and not only perform better than halogen, but they also look more contemporary and they consume less than half of power than halogens as well.
LED bulb light are available in 3 W, 4 W , 5 W series and goes up to 25 W, covering almost all main power variations in the between. They are designed for maximum output and they perform much better than their counterparts.
Apart from their performance, they are certified by CE&RoHS which vouches for their international quality. LED bulb light comes with a 3 year warranty and you are less likely to avail it, because they are definitely going to last longer. They have an average life span of over fifty thousands hours, which means that you can easily use them for 10 hours every day and they will still last for many years. And one can never ignore their eco friendly value at any time. All these features make LED bulb light a clear winner in the race. If you would like to know more about them or have any query, then you can contact us with it and we shall try to resolve it to the best of our ability.


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