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Applications of LED Lights
2014-10-14 10:21:10

Lighting has gone through lots of transitions since the advent of electricity. The yellow bulbs were bright but were not at all eye friendly. After bulbs came tube lights which were a lot more better than bulbs due to their white light but they were not as brighter as required and they also consumed lot of power. Next came CFL which were better than tubes and also more economical, but they were much more costly and overall, they did not made up for the money that was being invested in them. Finally, we now have LED, which are not only brighter and eye friendly, but they also consume minimum power and are gives a good return on the money that is invested in it. Let us try to list the applications of LED lights in this article.
Micro formats of LED bulb light are used in watches, mobiles and other digital devices. LED is preferred due to its compact nature and brightness factor.
Modern sign boards are mostly a product of LED fluorescent tube. This is again attributed to LED's peculiar property o/f emitting brighter light with minimum effect on the viewer's eye. Thus, one get the best clarity on sign boards by using LED.
LED Strip Light can have multiple applications. First of all, they can be installed at just about any place where it is not possible to have anything else, not even a small bulb. In such scarce space, it is easy to set up LED strip light, which not only makes up for the lighting, but also makes the space look contemporary and cool. Apart from this, it can obviously be used for providing a great decor value to just about anything on which you install it.
LED spotlight score over its counterparts in each and every aspect. It has better clarity and to the point focus. It is dimmable which enables in auto adjustment of light intensity as and when required. It is also eye friendly for both the target as well as the viewer. All these properties makes it the first choice as a spot light.
LED street light has got everything going in its favour as well. Not only do it performs better than halogen or any other format of lighting, but it also consumes much lesser power than it. It is possible to save up to 80 % of electricity by using LED street light and other LED products.


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