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Type of LED courtyard light
2014-05-16 19:54:52

Currently, now on the market of the LED courtyard light, there are two kinds of LED courtyard light. One is european LED courtyard light, another is modern LED courtyard light and classical.
1. European LED courtyard light: European’s design that will be adopted the European style elements in European countries, and then combine the form of abstract on it, which appears to have a European style noble, elegant atmosphere, and has a modern fashion life element.
2. Modern LED courtyard light: the design style of modern LED courtyard light will mostly adopted modern fashion elements, the design of modern minimalist style, bringing a kind of modern, simple and fashionable style.
3. The classical LED courtyard light design style will be used Chinese classical’s elements, combined with the application and modification, will rise another out of the ordinary of the Chinese charm.


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