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The characteristics of LED bulb light
2014-04-27 21:10:14

1. LED bulb light: use High Power LED or SMD LED, and the soft light, pure spectrum, high luminous efficiency, luminous efficiency of traditional energy-saving lamp 50-60lm/ watts, and my company's bulb lamp as 90-100lm/ watts.
2. The lampshade: adopt high transparency made rate of PC material, light transmission rate reaches more than 95%, illuminance good uniformity, non irritating to the eyes.
3. Cooling device: the LED bulb light shell adopts air Seiko car aluminum machining, heat radiation and heat conduction performance. Application of hollow thermal design, increase the contact area of the heat transfer surface and air, good heat dissipation effect. And in the lamp and the aluminum substrate contact surface using thermal paste adhesive, conducive to the bulb radiating.
4. Drive circuit: the first stage is completely isolated room design, with over-voltage protection, over-current protection and short circuit protection function, safe and reliable.
5. A light cap interface: applicable worldwide voltage, light can be replaced by E26, E27, E14 and other different specifications, convenient installation.


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