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The bright prospect of LED lighting market
2014-04-18 20:57:14

With the global economic recovery, the global economy is gradually increasing, the economic growth is the production of a country or a region of material products and services continues to increase which means that the expansion of the economic scale and production capacity, the economic strength of a country or a region growth. In Europe and America, South Asia is an important market for LED lighting development, economic recovery or weakness has also affects the change of the market size of LED lighting.
From the North American market, by the end of 2013, more than 600 city has been or is being installed LED street; from the European market, although Europe using LED products to countries or regions are not many, but with the use of LED energy saving lamp consciousness awakening, many European country or region has set strict standards for LED lamps and lanterns, for the future development of LED market and lay a legal foundation; from the China, domestic government policies introduced gradually falling, LED lamp market prices, increase the domestic LED lamp LED lamp competitiveness, for the future lay a good foundation in the domestic development.


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