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LED can only get bigger and brighter with time
2014-10-11 10:23:54

A recent survey has found out that people are increasingly shifting their loyally of lighting from CFL to LED. At the domestic level, LED bulb light has already replaced the traditional light bulbs and LED fluorescent tube is been widely used against the CFL and tube lights. The number of people using LED products has increase by a substantially number in last five years.
Another survey revealed that LED users are more satisfied by them than the users of halogens and CFL combined. While more than half of the people surveyed said that they were not satisfied by the CFL performance, an equal number of people found halogens to be super power consuming. As against them, the people who have shifted to LED lights in last couple of years confirmed that fact that they have witnessed a considerable decline in their electricity bills since the time they have started using LED lights.
This fact was admitted by users at both domestic and commercial set up. Due to the heavy power consumption at commercial front, the users, which mostly included owners of big stores and factories, were very delighted to see a heavy cut in their electric bill ever since they have tested their lighting set up with LED. This included replacing halogens by LED street light and LED high bay. All of them were more than happy to see the drastic change in the electricity bill and have decided to stick with LED lighting system for their future needs.
All these sign are clearly indicative of the fact that LED products are outshining their competitors by a comfortable margin. This only reconfirms that the future of LED is only going to be better and bigger and we hope that the futuristic Led technology is even better than its present standards.
All LED lights comes with a warrantee which couches for its quality. European nations have recently passed a constitutional law which makes LED mandatory in many European countries. So, it’s all just a matter of time when the whole world realized their importance and the good that they are doing to the nature and accepts LED lights with both hands. If you have any further inquiries regarding LED products, then we will be very happy to hear from you regarding it. Please contact us directly on phone or email. We are also available online on Skype for a quick online conversation.


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