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Features and Applications of LED Courtyard Light
2014-10-03 10:14:22

LED Courtyard Light is available in two power ranges. Both models are identical in shape but have different output of 120 W and 240 W respectively. Both of them are available in different colours like white, green, blue etc. LED Courtyard Light is most suitable for temperatures ranging between 20 -50 degrees but they are also efficient and prepared for working at unusual climate. However, they will work best under these temperatures.
LED Courtyard Light is made up of fin style aluminium material, which makes it strong and durable. They can last for over fifty thousand hours or over five years, when they are used moderately. LED Courtyard Light is one of the easier lights to install and they hardly carry any maintenance cost. Once they are well set up, you are most likely not to get troubled by them in any ways for many years.
CE&RoHS safety assurance makes them safe to use. They are shock proof and have a flicker free resolution as well. Their output is going to be at least two time brighter than that of a halogen bulb of the same power and still, they are not going to warm the surface with heat, because like all LED lights, they too do not emit any harmful radiations, nor do they emit any heating radiations while burning.
Like its name LED Courtyard Light is exclusively designed for courtyard area. A couple of well set up LED Courtyard Light will be enough to provide adequate lighting to your entire courtyard. They are water proof and dust resistant which makes them suitable for all kind of odd and rough climate. Once you use them for some time, you are also guaranteed to see a reduction in your monthly electricity bill. This is because it can save up to 50 to 70 % of power than a halogen or any other light with the same power.
All in all, LED Courtyard Light is not going to disappoint you in anyway. If you have an inquiry about them then you can contact us with your query and we shall try to resolve your doubts. We strongly recommend LED products for your domestic as well as commercial needs as they are far better than all other lighting set up in every way. For more details about LED Courtyard Light and other LED lighting, you can browse around our website.


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