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Features of LED panel light
2014-09-18 09:55:26

It is very important for the panel lights to be bright enough to meet the lighting requirements of the set up and an ordinary tube lights or bulbs will not be able to do this job efficiently. You will need many of them to get the right lighting and it will be a tough ask to maintain them and rotate them as per the requirement of the situation. LED panel light will come in handy at such occasion. They are dimmable and self regulating and they are surely going to perform better that an ordinary traditional format of light.
LED panel light comes in two main forms. The first one is the Recessed LED panel light and the other is the surface mounted LED panel light. Recessed LED panel light can be easily fitted on walls and installed on any other surface while the Mounted ones are suitable for moulting surfaces. Both of them are available in different shapes and sizes and comes in power of 3 W to 24 W. Recessed LED panel light are also available in higher power of are also available in higher power of 36 W and 48 W.
LED panel light proved a high definition fickle free lighting experience. It will also very durable and is expected to last for five years and over fifty thousand hours. As a consumer, you will be able to save from 70 – 80 % of electricity by using them and if your electric requires are bulk, then you will be easily able to see these saving from the following bills after you have installed them at your place.
LED panel light are more popular at commercial and office settings like offices, schools and university rooms but it would also be a good idea to try them at domestic setting and as they come in attractive looks, one can also get a facelift to his home decor value by using them decoratively.
So as you can read from the above, LED panel light are going to be a great replacement for your present lighting. If you are still confused or have more questions about them, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to answer all your queries. You can either gives us a call or email us as per your own convenience. Our staff is always ready to address consumer queries and you can expect a prompt response from us for everything concerned with LED products.


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