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Past and Future of LED Market
2014-09-15 10:06:50

Light Emitting Diode, which is better known as LED has been doing well in the market for past many years and it is expected to continue its good run in the coming years as well. Before LED came in to play, some people used yellow light bulbs and the others used to rely on CFL for it boasted of consuming less power. But there were shortcomings in either formats of lighting as the yellow light bulb was a pain in the eye and was not at all eye friendly and CFL does not perfumed as bright as the consumer expected it to do. But as these were the only options availed with the consumer, these types of lights were used in domestic as well as office setup.
But as soon as LED came in to play, it changed everything. In its early days, people were sceptical to replace their present bulb with a LED bulb light because its price was substantially higher than the ordinary bulb. But as time progressed, homemakers realized that using a LED bulb light or a LED fluorescent tube in their house is an overall very good investment as with them, they got supreme performance and at the same time they were able to save lots of money on their monthly utility bill as LED lights consumed much lesser electricity than their counterparts and performed very well too.
In the same way, LED flood light and LED panel light too were found to be much better in the performance as against the other lights in the same category. Thus, LED also made it presence felt at the commercial and industrial area and has now become the first choice of both small retailer as well as big business houses.
The future of LED market looks promising as well due to the fact that LED products are vouched by environmentalists and are also backed up by governments of different countries. As LED products are pro nature and are also safe to use at the human level (as they provide a fickle free neat output), they have got full support going for them at every level. The only concern is their price and the market experts says that as the consumption of LED products will increase, with increased sales and more completion, their price will also reduce substantially in near future. So all in all, the future of LED products looks promising.


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