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Top 5 reasons for choosing LED Products
2014-09-14 09:20:43

There are more than 5 reasons for selecting LED over any other formats of lighting but in this article, we will stick to the top five reasons as to why you should select LED products and replace our domestic as well as office set up with LED lighting. So here are the top five reasons for you to consider for preferring LED products over others:
Better Performance – Be it a LED bulb light or a LED flood light, any LED lighting device will always perform better than any other format of lighting. It will light brighter and you will be able to determine the difference in the quality of the output as soon as you shift from the traditional formats of light to LED. It also has a neat and fickle free resolution which is eye friendly.
Save Electricity – Who would like to pay heavy monthly bills for electricity? Everyone is looking for the lighting device that consumes minimum energy and performs better than the best and LED is the best suited for this task. If you replace your home lighting devices with LED bulb light and LED fluorescent tube, you will noticed a remarkable change in your following month’s electricity bill. All LED products are power savers and you will be able to save from 50 to 80 % of electricity with them than you can do with any other lighting formats.
Safe to Use – If you have a LED bulb light installed in your home which is within the reach of your kid and he someday accidently touched it while its running, you don’t have to worry about your kids hands as unlike other lighting devices, LED bulb light does not heats up the surface while function and hence it is safe to use and handle.
Long Lasting – Each and every LED product is likely to last for fifty thousand hours and that too with a mere degradation of 2-3 % per thousand hours of consumption. At this rate, you can expect to last each of the Led products that you have bought for at least 4 to 5 five years.
Eco Friendly – Whenever you buy LED product, you are helping a noble cause of contributing in the better of the planet as all LED products are eco friendly. First of all, they do not emit any harmful substance or any other harmful radiations when they function and after they are consumed, there remains are totally bio degradable. Hence, they help in keeping our planet clean.


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