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Introduction to LED fluorescent tube
2014-09-12 11:00:52

Progress is the sign of development and it should continue in all cases. Since the advent of electricity, technology has seen steady progress from a light bulb, to tube light and CFL. A few years back, CFL was considered to be the best mode for lighting but things have changed after LED came in to play. LED lights are way better their counterparts in almost every aspect and are therefore quickly making their firm grip in the market and within the heart of consumer. In this article, we will discuss about different features of LED fluorescent tube and why there are better than an ordinary tube light of CFL tube.
LED fluorescent tube comes in two standard size, with length of 60 cm and 120 cm. They are slimmer in size and have a nice appeal associated with them but it is not the looks that one is concerned in a lighting product. What one needs is better performance and LED fluorescent tube does not disappoints in this aspect either.
LED fluorescent tube is much brighter than an ordinary tube light and it functions smoothly. It also consumes lesser power than any CFL product of the same power and hence, as a consumer, you will be able to save substantial amount on your monthly electricity bill, if you replace all of your lighting devices with LED fluorescent tube and other LED products.
LED fluorescent tube has a life span of over 50 k hours, which is much higher than what a tube light or CFL will offer. Its deterioration is also lesser than its counterparts and it will continue to emit light effectively even after a few years. It is safe to use and comes with a CE&RoHS approval which vouches for its quality and guarantees its efficient performance.
Some people are concerned about the higher cost that they have to pay when they buy a LED product but they should remember that the overall value for money that they are going to get from a LED product will be unmatched with any other lights. We have been dealing with LED products for many years now and are confident that once you select them, you will never regret your choice in future. If you would like to know anything about them or have a sales inquiry, you can contact us at anytime. We will be very happy to serve you.


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