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Features and Functions of LED Panel Light
2014-09-01 10:27:07

We have been manufacturing and selling LED Panel Light for many years now. Unlike other types of lights, LED Panel Light is used for certain defined functions and therefore, it is essential that they serve their purpose well. As they are mostly used for lighting an instrument panel and that is generally meant to enhance the overall decor of the fixtures and furniture, they main purpose is that of decoration and that does not require excess brightness like those in tunnel light or street light and hence, they come is small power units of 3 W, 4 W, 6 W, 9 W, 15 W and 18 W.

LED Panel Light has an input voltage of AC 85 – 265 V ( 50 – 60 Hz ) and is available in over 30 models and in different shapes and dimensions. Irrespective of it's shape or size, each unit of LED Panel Light is equally good and and meet your expectations.

LED Panel Light is strong and durable. It is made up of unbreakable material and it is available in either waterproof and non waterproof models. Due to their nature and application, you wont really need them outdoors and therefore, you can choose the standard version of LED Panel Light and thus save some money on the purchase.

LED Panel Light will surely bring delight to your face by adding great value to your furniture. It will compliment just about any place and any way you use them. It is also quite easy to mount them and it has a hassle free running period. It will not require any special maintenance and you can expect them to serve you for many years.

LED Panel Light might cost you more than what you have to pay for a standard conventional light but then the amount of money that you will be able to chop from it's use will make up for its excess cost. Each unit of LED Panel Light will last for around 50 K hours which is almost 20 times more than a standard panel and the cost of LED Panel Light is obviously lesser if you compare it that way. Therefore, we strongly recommend it over other options. We have sold thousands of units of LED Panel Light and from the kind of response that we have received from them, we can surely say that you will be totally satisfied by their performance.


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