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Introduction to LED Strip Light
2014-08-28 10:13:15

LED Strip Light is also known as ribbon light or tape light. This is due to its resemblance of shape with ribbon and tape. It is available in two version; the first one is the standard version and the second one is the waterproof version, which has a silicon coating to it. LED Strip Light can be cut in to pieces as well to get the customized look. Standard LED Strip Light uses adhesive tape for mounting whereas the waterproof version uses mounting clips and screws for its installation.

LED Strip Light comes in various colors, brightness and water protection levels. It is available in both loose as well as in bundle, but buying it in bundles of 5 meters will cost lesser than buying them in loose in foot or meter. LED Strip Light is dimmable and it's brightness is can be regulated as per requirement. It comes in two powers; one of 12 V and the other of 42 V (DC).

LED Strip Light is available in single color and well as in color changing version which is known as RGB strip light. They have different applications and can be used accordingly. In the same way, standard LED Strip Light is suitable for indoor decorative purpose an can be used to enhance the accent, cabinet, shelves etc. whereas the waterproof one can be used in outdoors; it also has more power and hence it can be handy for lighting up wider area and can be used at workplace, warehouse etc. Ultra Violet and Infra Red strip light are also used for medical ans research purpose.

Due to flexibility and extensions of LED Strip Light, it can be used effectively at many places where other kind of lights can't get mounted. You can mount them in shelves as well as cabinet and at the same time they can always enhance the decor value of any party or occasion. With every LED Strip Light, you get CE& RoHS assurance which signifies its global approval for quality and environment friendlyness.

Apart from above features, each LED Strip Light is expected to last for 50,000 hours. It's waterproof base and strong built promises long life and minimum maintenance. They are also helpful in cutting off the cost of electricity consumed and hence they are a very good buy overall. For more information about them or for other LED products, you can contact us at anytime.


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