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Main Features of LED Tunnel Light
2014-08-27 11:21:00

Unlike other lights, LED Tunnel Light is not used by everyone. It has a special service to serve and as the purpose is important, therefore, it is important that it is not compromised with any other type of light, which may not be able to justify the cause and do justice with it.

LED Tunnel Light comes in four different power options of 60 W, 90 W, 120 W and 150 W. It can be used at different beam angles which makes it suitable as not only tunnel light, but it can also be used as to serve the purpose of a high bay light.

The main function of LED Tunnel Light is clearly to provide quality lighting to the surrounding. Most of the times, it will be used on outdoors in places like roads, where there will be moving traffic, which makes their application even more important. It is important that the lights on the road provide a right, complimentary and flicker free display and for best results and LED Tunnel Light do this job successfully.

LED Tunnel Light will not only provide better performance as compared to halogen light or any other format of lighting, but it also comes in additional features like dimmable version, which can be used at any time to alter its brightness. This means that if, at a certain time, less light is required, then they can be dimmed down and when more light is required, then it can be set to optimum lighting.

Apart from the dimmable feature, it also consumer 60-70 % less power against its counterparts like halogen and this will help in reducing its running cost as well. LED Tunnel Light, like most of the LED products has solid built with water proof and dust resistant feature which ensure that it will require minimum to none cost for its maintenance.

All the above features make LED Tunnel Light an ideal choice for roads and other outdoor installation. If you are interested to know more about it, then you can contact us at anytime. We also have other LED products in the offering and all of them are of best quality and will be able to serve your needs perfectly. We will be happy to help you in find what you are searching for, so do give us a visit or call us and we shall proceed accordingly.


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