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Why LED Street Light Is a Better Choice Over Halogen?
2014-07-22 16:45:32

A few years back, halogens were very popular in the market but not anymore. With the ever increasing popularity of LED with every day, consumer now prefers to use them instead of halogens. This is because LED products are better in halogen in almost every department. Let us try to compare a standard LED Street Light with halogen in this articles and find out why it is a better choice for consumer than halogen.
LED Street Light Vs. Halogen
The first and the foremost concern for a lighting product is its performance. LED Street Light definitely beats halogen in this test. They are not only more brighter than halogen, but they also have a better resolution. If you try to look directly at a halogen, your eyes will start to feel impact of its strong radiations within a few seconds. But LED Street Light has a flicker free resolution and it also does not emits hazardous elements while functioning, which makes it more safer as well as efficient than halogen light.
Next comes practicality. LED Street Light will help you in saving electricity more than a halogen would do. As per many authentic studies, LED products consumes 50-80 % less electricity than any other form of lightning which means that if you replace all of your lighting sources with LED products, then you will be able to save a lot of money on your monthly electricity bill.
LED Street Light passes the European set standards of quality and safety which makes is a better choice over halogen. Environmental safety is one of the top most concerns of their standards and by passing their quality test, LED Street Light have proved that they are also pro environment.
Finally it comes to price. There is no doubt that quality comes with a price and as LED Street Light are far better than halogen in every aspects, they wil cost you more than it. However, what looks on bill is not the actual price of a product. A cheap product can cost you much more with its service and maintenance. When you buy LED Street Light, you get assurance that it is going to serve you for a long time and with every month of its usage you wil be able to save some money on electricity bill. In this way, LED Street Light will actually cost you lesser than halogen light.


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