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Application of LED Tunnel Light
2014-07-20 12:46:04

Every lighting has a purpose to serve and not all types of lighting can serve all kinds of purposes. While a bulb or a tube light is suitable for domestic purpose, they can’t be effectively used in a larger set up and it would be better to have bigger and brighter lighting equipments for a big place, so that they can provide better results. Likewise, when you require brighter and distant light and angular display as well, you can’t use ordinary light. You have to go for LED Tunnel Light in such case.
LED Tunnel Light comes in four models which have 60 W, 90 W, 120 W and 180 W capacity respectively. You will be able to have multi angular display of 15°45°, 90° etc. with them and can use this feature as per your custom requirements.
LED Tunnel Light are easy to install and can fit just right to about any corner of the set up. They are also strong and durable and easy to maintain. They are water proof and dust resistant which makes them ideal for outdoor installation. As compared to halogens or other traditional lighting source, LED Tunnel Light has a brighter display and at the same time, they will consume much less power than their counter parts.
LED Tunnel Light is also friendly to the environment as it will not emit any harmful or hazardous substance while working. It will also serve twenty times more than an ordinary tunnel light.
To sum up, there are many good reasons for selecting LED Tunnel Light over other conventional sources of lighting. Their quality is assured by CE&RoHS certificate and the buyer does not have to worry a bit about their performance or about their safety.
For any questions regarding LED Tunnel Light or any other LED product, you are most welcomed to contact us. We will be happy to entertain all your queries. We have large variety of LED products to offer to our customers and they come in best price as well. Your satisfaction is our motto and we have been serving this industry for years successfully only because we have been able to make and provide the kind of products that customer wants and at the price which they will be happy to pay for them. Please give us an opportunity to serve you and you will not be disappointed.


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