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All About LED Panel Light
2014-07-12 22:39:19

LED lighting products have been going in popularity day by day. They are not only more brighter and more lasting, but are also available in most stylish shapes and sizes, which is making them first choice of the consumer. Be it for household use or commercial or industrial applications, LED lighting stands miles ahead of their competitors in quality as well as service. Consumers are slowly realizing that they are a good one time investment and hence more and more consumers are shifting from other conventional source of lighting to LED format. LED Panel Light too has been a big hit in household and commercial patterns alike.

LED Panel Light comes in wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can get them from 6 W up to a range of 48 W. Small ones can be used at home while big ones can be used to lighten big halls or stores like commercial places which have large area of lighting to cover. LED Panel Light comes in different colors, which are adjustable can its brightness can be regulated as per requirement. Same goes true with the temperature, which can be altered either ways to suit the surroundings.

The best part of every LED lighting product is the value for money factor. Though LED Panel Light would cost more than the traditional formats of lighting like halogens, but in the later case you have to pay much more on their maintenance and running expenses than the actual cost of the product. LED Panel Light does not only requires minimum maintenance, but you will also be able to save from anywhere between 50 to 90 % of power with it. This simply means that your electricity expenses will go down drastically when you shift to LED Panel Light.

Just to give you an idea of how much you would be able to save with it, imagine that if you are running two different setups, one on the traditional format of lighting and the other on LED Panel Light, then you will be able to recover the cost of LED Panel Light within an year. LED Panel Light will also last for many years and this means that overall value for money that you will get with it will be much more than what you have paid for it. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you try them once and we are sure that you will never have to worry about anything else after that.


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