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There Are Many Good Reasons For Choosing LED Fluorescent Tube
2014-07-10 20:22:50

Fluorescent tubes have always seen as anti-eco-products due to the mercury contained in them, which is considered as a hazardous waste. But with the newly introduced LED Fluorescent Tube, things are not going to remain the same as they were a few years back. Powered by LED technology, LED Fluorescent Tube is much better than the conventional tubes and is more eco friendly than ever.

LED Fluorescent Tube will be able to provide you better quality of lighting and lesser electricity bills. With every LED Fluorescent Tube that you install and use in your home or at your office, you can save up to seventy five to eighty five percentage of electricity than what you will have to pay when you use any of its conventional counterparts.

LED Fluorescent Tube comes in different lengths, in variants of 2 foot (60 cm), 4 foot (1200 cm) and many more. Depending upon the size of your room and other requirements, you will be able to find LED Fluorescent Tube of a suitable length for it. It has an input voltage of 85-265 VAC and will last for thousands of hours; so once you have them in your place, you do not have to worry about its replacement for years to come. Each LED product comes with a CE&RoHS certificate which ensure its safety and vouches for the quality of the product.

If you are thinking that it will cost you a lot more to have a LED Fluorescent Tube, then you have to be rational and consider the amount of money that you will be able to save every month on the electricity bills when you use LED Fluorescent Tube or any other LED product for that matter. Provided that every LED product will serve you for a few years, you will be the winner at the end of the race and will save much more than what you have spent on it for only once. This will be one of the wisest investments that one can ever make.

And don't forget the quality of lighting that you will get from LED Fluorescent Tube. It will be way better than the convectional formats of lighting; not only will it be brighter, but it will also have better impact on your eyes and they won't heat up your surroundings either like your old tube lights. We strongly recommend that you have LED Fluorescent Tube installed in your home or office. For more information, please contact us.


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