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Why Should We choose For LED Products?
2014-06-30 20:42:52

Technology is changing fast and for the good. One of the complains that is often made against science and technology is that it most of its inventions are harmful to nature and almost all scientific inventions have been done at the expense on nature. This has lead to rise of an alternative bread of scientists, who have consciously worked out their research in a pro natural way and their inventions are not only beneficial to the mankind alone, but also to the other nature.

LED has been one of such inventions. Be it LED bulb light, LED ceiling light, LED street light or any other form of LED lights, LED products have not only been able to take the technology to a new level, but have also played their role in preserving the environment. Let us explore more about LED products with help of this article and find out what one should opt for them over regular lighting products.

a) LED Products are Eco Friendly : All LED products, be it LED bulb light in our home or LED street light on the roads, are eco friendly. The earlier versions of light bulbs were inspired by Sun and hence were mostly made to emit yellowish rays, which constituted of smoke, flame and other anti natural bi products but with LED products, all you get is the pure white light, with least radiations, which is eco friendly and does not cause any threat to the environment.

b) The traditional light bulbs and products use to burn and spread that warmth while they were plugged on, but LED products are cool and does not emit any warm radiation. This also helps in keeping the surroundings cool.

c) Scientifically, our eyes are more friendly to white color than any other color. The traditional sources of lightning have yellow colored light while LED bulb lights have white colored light, which is more eye friendly. Thus , LED products are also beneficial for our eye and our overall health. Especially in activities like studying or watching TV for hours, LED bulb light will have much lesser stress on our eyes as compared to the traditional yellowish light bulb. Therefore, using LED bulb light in a long run will surely have lots of positive health benefits.

d) LED products does cost more than the traditional sources of light, but they also last many times longer than them and overall, they turn out to be a better bargain than the cheap ordinary light products as they serve us much longer and much more effectively.

e) Finally, LED products consumes almost half energy than their counterpart traditional light sources. This simply means that if we replace all our lighting with LED products our monthly electricity bill will be reduced substantially. This will really be of a great help in a long run and we will be able to save a lots of money in this way.

So, we can clearly see that there are many reasons as to why we should opt for LED products over the traditional ones. So then, its time for you to switch to LED products!


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