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The difference between flexible LED strip light and rigid LED strip light
2014-06-29 17:54:24

Flexible LED strip light is done using FPC assembly circuit board, with patch LED were assembled, so that the thickness of the product is only a coin thickness, does not occupy space. And it can cut, also can be extended and the light is not affected. FPC soft material, can be arbitrarily bending, folding, winding, break move and expansion but not in three-dimensional space. The use of local and space suitable for irregular narrow place, also because it can be arbitrary bending and winding, suitable for any combination of various patterns in advertising decoration.
Rigid LED strip light is made of hard PCB to do assembly circuit board. SMD LED assembly or high power LED assembly, as required by different requirements. The advantages of rigid strip is relatively easy to fix, processing and installation are convenient; the disadvantage is not bent, not suitable for irregular places.


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