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The price of LED bulb light
2014-06-13 12:07:07

Due to the structure of LED bulb light is more complicated than incandescent lamp. The price of LED bulb light is higher than the incandescent lamp, even if they are put into mass production now. According to the market situation in 2014, the price of LED bulb light is still higher than the electronic energy-saving lamp. With the rapid development and mass production of LED bulb light, moreover, LED bulb light is known and accepted by more and more people, the price of the LED bulb light will soon reach the level of the electronic energy-saving lamp. You can compared with the electronic energy-saving lamp in side of energy saving when you buy LED lamps, you will find that even if the LED bulb light has the higher prices, after one year using, the average cost will be lower than the incandescent lamp and the electronic energy-saving lamp, moreover, can save much electric charge. And the using time of the LED bulb light has been gotten to 50,000 hours in 2014.


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