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News & Events
Installation notes of LED bulb light
2014-06-10 23:48:36

1. Please read the LED bulb light product specification carefully, to confirm whether the environment to meet the conditions of the specifications.
2. Before connecting the product, please ensure the switch is in the closed state, to prevent electric shock.
3. Make sure the driver which is the suitable power supply.
4. Hands do not touch the lamp surface.
5. This product is limited to the use indoor, for outdoor use, please pay attention to waterproof.
6. Illegal operation possibly damage to your lamps, and even harm to your personal safety.
7. The initial budget required lamp, then according to the rated power of the quantity of each lamp, calculate the total power, and the design scheme of electric power.
8. Avoid to install in the heat and hot steam, the places of corrosive gas, so as not to affect the lifespan.
9. LED bulb light using high voltage (110V/265V) power, should not work in the frequent on-off state, this will affect their life.


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