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Design problems of LED bulb light
2014-06-08 20:11:00

First, users are most concerned about is LED bulb light can illuminate our hope it lit up the place, whether to make us feel comfortable; however, for the lighting designer of the occupation, in addition to be familiar with various LED bulb light body material, lens and reflector system, it must be based on the lamp light distribution curve to spot quality projection, at any point in space efficiency and calculation of LED bulb light in illuminance values, which can calculate the intensity distribution of a spatial region.
Secondly, LED bulb light should also pay attention to the problem of light pollution. Living environment is emphasized on the intensity of the light control and light flashing control because the night lighting and advertising a lot, too bright affects people's sleep, and the flashing lights will also influence the traffic safety.
Finally, LED indoor lighting applications the most important concern should be the color index. Color is also very important, a great impact on the commercial exhibition effect. In the boutique, clothes in the high color temperature low absolute no color looks beautiful. Color can create an environment effect, let the goods to increase the sense of value.


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