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The design requirements of LED tunnel light
2014-06-08 12:31:57

Considering the LED tunnel light’s design length, linear, interior, pavement type, there is no sidewalk, link road structure, design speed, traffic volume and vehicle type, but also to consider the color of light source, lamps and lanterns, arrangement, lighting levels, brightness and human adaptation state outside the tunnel, tunnel lighting design is to solve the this a series of problems.
LED tunnel light energy-saving is proposed on the light source, lamps, lighting method of energy-saving lighting design requirements, including energy conservation and management of energy-saving and energy-saving lighting design, which is the most important energy saving measures, including the design idea of reliable and reasonable standard of novel, value, and the use of efficient light source, lights, high efficiency increasing the light reflectance and lighting energy saving control etc.. LED compared with the traditional light source, the biggest advantage is saving energy and stability, so based on the advantages and characteristics of LED chip, improve efficiency, reasonable light distribution design to improve the overall efficiency of lamps, that is an important problem to solve for LED tunnel light.


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