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The reason why more and more purchaser would like to buy LED bulb light
2014-06-06 12:01:28

1. LED bulb light current needs of small, low voltage, small volume, light weight, single voltage DC3.5V, 350mA making.
2. LED bulb light can be energy-saving seventy-five percent to ninety percent above, high efficiency, low energy consumption, good electrical performance, excellent monochrome, color is good, the physical presentation of the colors more vivid, a variety of colors to choose, can meet the needs of different environments.
3. Using high quality aluminum alloy radiating structure design, maximize heat area; the unique appearance according to modern streamline design, in line with the aesthetic idea. Desirable replacement of traditional halogen lamp. Light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and good weather resistance, good heat dissipation.
4. LED bulb light with impact resistance, anti vibration, is a new generation of green high-tech products, projection distance large angle, rich colors.
5. Zero stroboscopic lamp, no infrared and ultraviolet light, will not have any harm to human body.
6. Light-emitting angle of 120 °, more in line with the requirements of the application of traditional lamp.


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